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Brno–Starý Lískovec, Czech Republic
Building type
Multifunctional project
Project status
Issue of land use decision
Coming soon

A new way of urban living

On the border of the Bohunice and Starý Lískovec districts of Brno, we are preparing the construction of one of the most important mixed-use developments in Brno, which combines several uses into one multifunctional zone. The brand new city block will offer more than 400 new flats, student housing, offices, cafes, restaurants and many other shops and services. The project also includes 11 co-working units covering 1,400 sqm and a private clinic for specialised medical fields covering more than 1,000 sqm.

The attractive location in close proximity to the campus of Masaryk University and the University Hospital Brno has a dynamic development ahead of it and the prospect of becoming one of the most interesting places to live in Brno.

"For our projects we are always looking for a novel concept that takes inspiration from pioneering concepts that have been successful abroad. We strive for a harmonious connection between original architecture and the urban context and lifestyle. The BRIXX Brno project fully exploits the potential of a long-unused area within easy reach of the city centre and will bring the city an attractive place with a vibrant community life, high standard of housing and excellent accessibility to services."

                            Tomáš Vavřík, CEO Domoplan

Concept work & live

Our vision is to deliver a unique living experience and create a unique urban environment based on a blend of residential, commercial, retail, entertainment and conceptual elements. And this interconnection is one of the main ideas of the whole project. The complex of two distinctive city blocks is by its nature a very traditional architecture built on the blending of many functions, focusing on the lifestyle and needs of the upcoming generation.

Block A, with its distinctive residential tower and exposed brick façade, houses the majority of the apartments, a ground floor with a variety of shops and services and a dedicated medical facility. Block B with rendered facades is adapted for student housing. In addition to 92 accommodation units, it will have full student facilities in the form of its own kitchens, breakout rooms, clubhouse and restaurant facilities. And it will also offer 11 unique coworking units with office space that are adapted to the work & live concept within eleven duplexes. There will also be spaces for bistros, cafes or other services on the ground floor, with a private green park for residents with terraces and community gardens in the courtyard above.

Modern living that meets high energy demands

The combination of green roofs, heat pumps, photovoltaics and battery storage will produce enough energy to run the common areas of the houses. A grey water reuse system and retention tanks for irrigating park greenery with rainwater will also bring significant savings. Of course, charging stations for electric cars or electric bicycles are a must, and we will also encourage the use of shared scooters, bicycles and other means of transport as much as possible.

Similar to other DOMOPLAN residential projects, the homes will be equipped with energy smart management, which contributes to greater sustainability and energy efficiency, which is around 30 percent in the BRIXX project. Thanks to additional features such as remote control of air conditioning, cooling or heating, etc. However, it can be increased even further.

Project architects: Pelčák a partner architekti
The project includes: apartments, student housing, business units, services, coworking zone, medical facilities
Planned start: 3Q 2024
Investment volume: CZK 4.5 billion
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