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Hvězdová Residence

Hvězdová 5, Brno, Czech Republic
Building type
Apartment house
Project status
Is being completed
  • Real estate project of 2020 of the South Moravian Region

A residence with a park view, only a few steps from the centre of Brno

A place you won’t find anywhere else in Brno

A multifunctional house surrounded by a city park, just a ten-minute walk from Svobody Square. Hvězdová residence combines all ingredients of modern city life. What’s more, the whole neighbourhood is undergoing a transformation – a new community and cultural centre is being built in the direct vicinity and residential complexes are being planned that will include a municipal garden as well as a wide array of services.

Interiors with maximum ligh

Thanks to the strictly geometrical facade and the sophisticated design, each unit has at least one glass wall, making the boundary between the apartment and its surroundings disappear. At the same time, architect Roman Gale came up with a special plaster solution for the house envelope in an interesting lava design, which will be the first of this kind in Brno.

  • Real estate project of 2020 of the South Moravian Region
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