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Creating an attractive place requires balancing often conflicting requirements. That's the art of real estate development.

We design every project with an original architectural concept incorporated into the local context and the lifestyle of its future inhabitants.
We create places

to live well

Home is more than just the space between four walls. That's why the surrounding environment is as important as the architecture in our projects. By combining innovative ideas with the skills of landscape architects, we create places that are a joy to spend time in and that naturally foster neighbourly relationships.

Our projects bring

original solutions

We are constantly looking for inspiration and supporting distinctive creators to realise their visions. We bring global trends into our projects and believe that quality can always be pushed a little further.


respect for nature

We use modern technologies and proven principles so that construction and operation do not burden the environment. We strive for sustainable living with the lowest possible energy consumption.

We promote

a sensitive approach to the locality

We work sensitively with the context of each place we enter. We strive for our buildings to enhance the quality of life in their surroundings. We do not sell our projects off once they are built; instead, we continue to manage them.

Do you like our approach? Let's get in touch

We are always looking for honest suppliers, partners and collaborators who share our values. Are you one of them? Do not hesitate to contact us.

How did it start?


The decisive moment

Vila Tichého

High-quality architecture is a value in itself. Tomáš Vavřík realized its significance for the quality of life when he was building his own home. This provided the key inspiration for starting DOMOPLAN. From day one we have focused on residential construction with an emphasis on great locations, high-quality architecture, and top-notch craftsmanship.


DOMOPLAN is established


Villa Božetěchova

Vila Božetěchova

For our first projects we partnered with established studio Atelier RAW. Their original concept for new Brno residences helped DOMOPLAN earn respect from the professional community and popularity from homeowners.


Kopečná residence

Rezidence Kopečná

Kadetka apartment house

Bytový dům Kadetka
Realitní projekt roku 2013 Jihomoravského kraje (cena veřejnosti)

Domino apartment house

Bytový dům Domino
Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 (nominace)

DOMOPLAN investment fund


Building on the supportive feedback on our first projects and the experience we gained, DOMOPLAN established an investment fund of qualified investors in 2017. This accelerated the company’s growth, making it possible for partners interested in premium real estate to participate in the success of our projects.

More about the fund


Entering a new segment

Apartmány Filipovice
Realitní projekt roku 2018 v Olomouckém kraji

In 2017 DOMOPLAN became one of the first Czech developers to focus systematically on development of apartment hotels in the Czech mountain areas. We have combined expertise in apartment house development with twenty years of experience in hotel management and travel industry, and the very first project, Filipovice apartments, became the 2018 Real Estate Project of the Year in the Olomouc Region. In addition to the development itself, we continue to manage our projects afterwards to help our clients improve their investments as much as possible. The services related to the maintenance and rental of the apartment hotels are operated under the company MyResorts, a subsidiary of DOMOPLAN.


Hvězdová residence

Rezidence Hvězdová
Realitní projekt roku 2020 Jihomoravského kraje


All awards

News from DOMOPLAN

DOMOPLAN in media

Awards of DOMOPLAN projects

We take for granted that our properties are beautiful, high quality and sustainable. Our long-term goal is to turn the localities we build in into unique places to live. For the residents of our houses as well as their neighbors. We are very happy that these efforts are appreciated by both the professional and general public.


Real Estate Project of the Year 2023 – Architects Award: the Absolute Winner and winner in the Central Bohemia Region

Real Estate Project of the Year 2023 – Jury Award and Architects Award: the Olomouc Region

Real Estate Project of the Year 2023 – Architects Award: the South Moravian Region


Real Estate Project of the Year 2021 – Jury Award: the Absolute Winner

Web presentation awarded in the Zlatý středník 20/21 competition


Real Estate Project of the Year 2020 – Jury Award: the South Moravian Region


Mies van der Rohe Award 2019 (nominee)


Real estate project of the year 2018 in the Olomouc Region


Real Estate Project of the Year 2013 – Public Award: the South Moravian Region