Why invest in the DOMOPLAN SICAV, a. s. investment fund

  • You invest exclusively in the projects development projects of DOMOPLAN, one of the largest developers in Brno, which has extensive experience in finding lucrative investment opportunities
  • Investments in real estate with stable value growth
  • Maximum appreciation thanks to the originality of the projects
  • Diversification of investments in various real estate projects, which makes the fund resistant to market fluctuations
  • Stable company with a high reputation with clients, banks and suppliers

Benefits of investing through a qualified investor fund

  • Professional asset management
  • Handling of the fund's assets controlled by the depositary (CYRRUS, a.s.)
  • Lower, 5% tax rate for investment funds
  • Possibility of tax exemption for natural persons when repurchasing investment shares after 3 years
  • Regulated by the Czech National Bank
  • Preferential share return for shareholders with priority investment shares
Fund parameters
CZK 1.810 bn
CZK 2.122 bn
Balance sheet total
8 % p.a.
Minimal investment
CZK 1 000 000
Investment horizon
5 years
Expected appreciation
8–8.1 % p.a. *
Investor’s model profit in CZK
Return on shares in CZK
Value as of 30 September 2022
CZK 1 810 454 492,00
Balance sheet total
CZK 2 121 805 789,00
Evaluation for last 12 month
7,00 %
Appreciation for the last month
0,56 %
Evaluation for Q3 2022
1,78 %
Evaluation from the 1st subscription (48 months)
28,52 %
Investment horizon
5 years

Documents for download

Marketing materials

Memorandum 09/2022

Your personal data listed in this form is processed by DOMOPLAN, a.s., ID number 051 01 077, with its registered office at tř. Cpt. Jaroše 1936/19, 602 00 Brno, in accordance with the General Regulation on Personal Data Protection (GDPR). We process the data provided in the form on the basis of your interest in real estate sales services provided by DOMOPLAN, a.s. and our interest to answer your request. We will process your personal data provided in this form for this purpose for a maximum of 24 months. If you wish us to stop processing your personal data before the above period, please contact us at:
+420 607 897 897

Other investment options

Product Type Minimal investment Investment horizon Expected appreciation
DOMOPLAN, a.s. Bonds CZK 3 000 000 3.5 years 7.0 % p.a.
DOMOPLAN SICAV, a. s. Priority investment shares CZK 1 000 000 5 years 8–8.1 % p.a. *
DOMOPLAN - Na Mariánské cestě SICAV, a.s. Priority investment shares CZK 1 000 000 4 years 8–8.1 % p.a. *
Premium investment shares CZK 20 000 000 4 years 11–11.1 % p.a.

Fund parameters

Focus of the fund
real estate and financing of real estate projects
Legal form
SICAV, joint-stock company with variable capital
Fund type
qualified investor fund
priority investment shares (PIA)
Frequency of subscription of investment shares
Estimated annual yield on investment shares
7 – 7.1 % p.a.
8 – 8.1 % p.a. in the period of 1/10/2022 – 30/9/2024
Repurchases of investment shares
within 9 months (for 6 months the shares are further evaluated)
Fund duration
for an indefinite period
Minimal investment
CZK 1 million, in case of AVANT Flex CZK 100,000
Investment horizon
5 years
Entry fee
up to 6 %
Repurchase fee, according to the conditions specified in the fund status
0 % when repurchasing after 48 months
4 % when repurchasing after 36 months
6 % when repurchasing after 24 months
8 % when repurchasing earlier than after 24 months
Management and administration
AVANT investiční společnost, a. s.
Costs of the fund
maximum 1.5% p.a. from an average asset value
CYRRUS, a. s.
PKF APOGEO Audit, s.r.o.
Supervisory body, legal framework
Czech National Bank & the Czech Republic
Fund appreciation tax
5 % of profit
Taxation of shareholders – natural persons
15 % when repurchasing earlier than after 3 years
0 % when repurchasing after 3 and more years